A number of Forest Certification Schemes exist  e.g FSC, MTCC, PEFC,

Different Forest Certification Schemes mentioned exist as they meet different criteria, however, some have developed as alternatives to the FSC which has considered as too stringent or not fit for their operations. Most certification schemes will differ on one or all of the following e.g

  • Proving legal origin
  • Based on a set of precise minimum performance thresholds
  • Need for balanced participation in standard-setting process
  • Certification at Forest Management Unit level
  • Field visits required
  • Consultation with stakeholders in certification process

    Why do Forest Certification Schemes differ ? Andrew Goto
    Amazon forest natives
  • Annual monitoring of certified areas
  • Transparent Scheme, e. information readily available
  • Label and well-defined Chain of custody (CoC)
  • Conversion of forests to plantations or other land uses prohibited
  • Harvesting does not threaten High Conservation Value Forests
  • Social aspects of the forest management are considered (e.g. rights of indigenous people or workers)

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