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Below are some Tips and tricks for working with timber decking;-

Select species that meet your minimum desired service life based on the durability classification see Species Database

End seal- to minimise splitting and to give extra protection

Clear decking area of any vegetation risk of fire

Maintain the decking below 20% moisture content to avoid fungal attack

Avoid moisture traps

Avoid contact with metals – corrosive metals

Always keep an eye on the species as there is a risk of tannins and extractives leaching onto other surfaces

Use rock salt for ice/frost prevalent decks

Some species especially durable hardwoods will leach tannins or extractives, and these can stain surrounding materials and paintwork especially when the decking boards are not finished, (i.e. oiled, or stained) or the timber has been installed not properly dry.

Extractive stains can be very challenging to remove. It is advisable to protect these surfaces from the runoff during the initial weathering process. This process is temporary and should stop once the boards have begun to weather down to a silvery-grey colour.

Oils, coatings with UV inhibitors and not just clear finishes be should used.

Oils or coatings with additional slip resistance have a regular maintenance cycle to ensure  the integrity of the coating

Deck boards, if left unrestrained, i.e. not fixed and stored external, tend to distort e.g. cup, some of this can be forced into place by fixing especially in softwoods.

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