A number of Legality Verification systems exist and these can be very useful for due diligence for legal compliance with EUTR and Forest Certification Schemes.

The most common legality verification systems include

  • Verification of Legal Compliance (VLC)
  • Verification of Legal Origin (VLO)
  • Timber Legality & Traceability Verification (TLTV) -SGS Bureau Veritas Certification
  • Origine et Légalité des Bois(French), which is translated as (Timber Origin and Legality) – OLB – Bureau Veritas Certification

Criteria which legal verification systems are compared against include;

  • Legal right to harvest
  • Compliance with legislated related to forest management, environment, labour and welfare, health and safety etc
  • Compliance with legislation related to taxes and royalties
  • Respect for tenure or use rights of land and resources that may be affected by timber harvest rights
  • Compliance with requirements for trade and export procedures
  • Additional criteria, compliance with international treaties, g. CITIES, ILO, CBD


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